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Mortgage lenders, the market is changing fast! Volumes are dropping, margins are tightening, and lenders need more product diversification to better serve their communities. Looking to shore up more volume?


Did you know: Three quarters of Boomers that own a home have equity equaling about 10 Trillion Dollars!


Did you know: 70% of the qualified Reverse mortgage demographic, have been denied a traditional loan!


The opportunity (and the responsibility) to offer Reverse Mortgages – is NOW!

The Reverse Mortgage. Once considered a taboo mortgage lending product due to a history of careless originators, lack of regulatory oversight, and a challenging origination process.

Not anymore. Times have changed and so has the Reverse mortgage lending product.

Today’s Reverse mortgage is easier than ever to originate, while ensuring lenders all the safeguards, and government guarantees they get in today’s qualified mortgage.


Mortgage banking executives who are seeking to understand the opportunity within Reverse mortgage lending will find the enclosed report insightful and educational while shattering outdated myths of the Reverse mortgage.


National, regional, and state credit unions, community banks, independent mortgage bankers and brokers who are seeking to not only increase product diversification and profitability while providing a sound lending instrument to its members, customers, and communities will find the enclosed report of significant value to their business.


BlackFin has always been a staunch supporter of the Reverse Mortgage Product, but many of the fundamentals had needed to change to make it a responsible lending product, strategy, and lending process. In recent years there have been dramatic changes to now make Reverse mortgages the optimal retirement product – and is why BlackFin Group has launched a consulting practice that specializes only in Reverse Mortgage lending (strategy, sales, process, technology, and compliance).

State of Reverse Mortgages and Your Untapped Opportunity

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